Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Sanders Family
This photo was taken about 1940
My great grandparents are on the far right hand side.
My father is kneeling in front on the right with his brother
and his sisters are standing behind them.

I was so lucky to get this picture this summer from a distant
cousin, Charlie Bill Totten.  He has given me a lot of family
photos and stories of my Sanders family.  I have learned how
they worked hard and never lost focus on family ties.  They
knew how to work, live, laugh and love each and every member.

I will be adding more stories in the future.


  1. Hi Linda,
    You have done a great job, I am so proud of you. This (Geneaology)takes a lot of work and patience and you are reaping the rewards of both.
    Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to your next entries.

  2. Linda I adore old vintage photos. They always crack me up. Some of the people in those photos looked cranky even though they where not....I have a very old vintage photo album passed down from hubs grandmother, not only did they look cranky they looked old and they where only teenagers...too funny!

  3. P.S. Your group looked happy!

  4. Thanks so much Debbie. I have heard that my ancesters were really happy folks. I love being happy, don't you?

    Hi Dixie. I haven't had any new pictures to post of my Sanders family. I just look at this blog and stand in amazement.
    God Is Good!

  5. Linda, I am a relative of yours. Your work is exceptional. My grandfather was a Sanders and they lived in Marion and Saltville and owned the Midway Store on Hwy. 107. I hope we can exchange our history and share some pictures.

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    Who was your grandfather? I just saw this message of yours. Please get back to me.